The main month of Israel Apartheid Week has finished (that is not an error) and another danger of the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) is approaching. The examination of the Arab circumstance in Jerusalem to that of the blacks in the southern United States is currently turning into the most hazardous Israel de-legitimization system. It is a slur considerably more unobtrusive than politically-sanctioned racial segregation and BDS, so simpler to advance. It solidly sets the Israelis as "white, provincial occupiers" over the "mistreated, dark underclass" in the brains of the masses.


Dark subjugation in the United States finished in 1865 after the Civil War; be that as it may, the Civil Rights Act, which ensured equivalent rights, was just gone into law in 1964, very nearly after 100 years. The genuine Freedom Riders, social equality activists (counting blacks and Jews), rode the interstate transports into the isolated southern United States in 1961. Martin Luther King Jr. driven his celebrated March on Washington in 1963. I don't clearly review those occasions, yet I experienced childhood in the South as isolation was closure and I need to impart to y'all five reasons why isolation in Jerusalem is not the same. Kindly see for yourself.


Genuine story: In the 1950s a New York man going with his business gathering registered with a motel for the night in a little Alabama town. Amidst the night somebody started beating on the entryway. It was the proprietor of the foundation who got out an exceptionally Jewish- sounding name. "Yes, that is me", the amazed man replied. "Well," said the manager, "didn't you see the sign, 'No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs?' Get your things and get out!" The man's dowager does not know whether he recovered his cash, yet he did change his name to a less Jewish-sounding one preceding his next excursion south.

In Jerusalem there are signs on a few stores that say "MEN" and some store signs say "Ladies."

In any case, the sign at the passage of the old Hadassah Hospital is composed in stone:

In English, Hebrew and Arabic, "FOR ALL RACES AND CREEDS."

Today there is no sign required at Shaare Zedek Hospital or some other

Israeli clinic. There is no indication of isolation in staff or with patients.

In the Old South, blacks needed to sit in the back of the transport by law.

Bedouin ladies in Jerusalem today appear to want to sit in the front of transport, and they do as such all the time, for there are no "white-just" transports.

There may be a lot of issues with the new Jerusalem light rail trains and framework, yet they are positively not isolated.

Open places and parks are not isolated like in the Old South.

General society toilets in the parks are not isolated either, however they are troublesome for the handicapped to utilize and unquestionably could utilize change.

In the Old South, blacks were not permitted to eat in a white eating foundation. You could never hope to see a dark individual sitting at a road bistro, young ladies at lunch a table in a huge open spot.

We may not live in the Utopian world the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development endeavors to advance. Anyway to contrast Israel with the Old South is an unsafe bending that must be emphatically negated and now.