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Armored Corps Beret (BE-8)

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The Israeli Armor is a corps of the Israel Defense Forces and since 1998 is subordinate to GOC Army Headquarters..

Sku : BE-8

Heyl Shiryon Israel Armored Corps Black Beret; original insignia with red backing

Price includes beret insignia.

The Israeli Armor Corps is a corps of the Israel Defense Forces, since 1998 subordinate to GOC Army Headquarters. The Armor Corps is the principal maneuvering corps, and primarily bases its strength on Main Battle Tanks. The Armor Corps is the decisive corps in GOC Army Headquarters, and bases its "crushing power" on its "fists of steel": a combination of mobility, armor, and firepower. During wars, its role is, on the one hand, to lead the first line of the attacking forces and to clear the area of the enemy, while on the other hand, to block the armor forces of the enemy and to destroy its tanks and armor. During peacetime, it reinforces the Infantry Corps while it performs security tasks, with the tanks serving as a mobile bunker. Active units: 36th Division Also known as the Ga'ash Formation, is the largest armor division in the IDF, and also includes Engineering Corps soldiers who are attached to it. It is stationed on the Golan Heights under the Northern Command and includes the 7th and 188th Brigades.

The 7th Brigade - Also known as the Sa'ar ("Storm") Formation; this is a regular armor brigade which is placed under the command of the Northern Command. It is the first armor brigade of the IDF and has participated in all of Israel's wars. The brigade’s fighting during the Suez War resulted in a breakthrough in how the army approached the character of armor warfare. Today, the brigade is equipped with Mark 2 Merkava tanks.

188th Brigade - Also known as the Barak ("Lightning") Formation, a regular armor brigade which is placed under the command of the Northern Command. Starting with the Six Day War, the brigade participated in all of Israel’s wars. During the Yom Kippur War, the brigade was the first line of defense in the first day of the war at the Southern Golan, and saw almost all of its officers killed in action. It was the last armor brigade to use the Centurion tank, converted into Merkava 3 tanks in 1992.

The 162nd Division - Also known as the Utzvat Ha'Barzel Formation, this is an armor division which is placed under the Central Command.

The 401 Brigade - Also known as the Ikvot Habarzel ("Tracks of Iron") Formation, this is an armor brigade created in 1968 in order to control the Suez Canal line. During the Yom Kippur War, it faced the first line of attack in the canal and suffered heavy losses. During the 1982 Lebanon War, it fought in the Southern force and one of its battalions participated in the Sultan Yaakov battle. During 2004-2005, the brigade’s Magach tanks were replaced by Mark 4 Merkava tanks.

The 460th Brigade - Also known as the Bney Or ("Sons of Light") Formation, this is the training brigade of the Armor Corps. It maintains two bases: the Shizafon ("tanning") base, which is the training school for the corps' commanders, where the officers and tank commanders are instructed. The Magen Sayarim ("Scout Defense") Camp maintains the armor training school where basic and continued training is undertaken, preparing armor combatants toward the operational brigades.

How the Color was Chosen: Black. The veteran Beret was adopted due to technical reasons. The British soldiers would get dirty while deprived treatment to tanks. In order to not see the oil stains on the Berets it was decided that they will wear Black Berets. This decision was inherited by the IDF.

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