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Duchifat (10-17)

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SKU: 10-17

Duchifat Insignia. Duchifat is part of the kfir brigade*.

Sku : 10-17

Duchifat Insignia. Duchifat is part of the kfir brigade*.

The Israeli Kfir Brigade, formerly known as the 900 Brigade is one of the most recent Infantry Corps brigade commanded by the 162nd Division (Utzvat Ha'Plada) in the Central regional command of the Israel Defense Forces. The Designated Infantry Battalions (known as the "90s Battalions") were founded in the 1990s as an accompanying force to mobile infantry. On December 6, 2005, the brigade was formally established with the 90s Battalions unified into a single, regular service brigade commanded by Colonel Eyal Nosovski. Although the brigade is subordinated to the 162nd Division, each battalion is operatively attached to regional brigades in the West Bank Division. * 90th Nahshon Battalion, assigned to Ephraim Brigade * 92nd Shimshon Battalion, assigned to Etzion Brigade * 93rd Haruv Battalion, assigned to Shomron Brigade * 94th Duchifat Battalion, assigned to Binyamin Brigade * 96th Lavi Battalion, assigned to Yehuda Brigade * 97th Netzah Yehuda Battalion, assigned to Jordan Valley Brigade

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