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Engineers Corps Beret (BE-5)

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Engineers Silver Beret, incl. Combat Engineers insignia with red backing.

Sku : BE-5

Engineers Silver Beret, incl. Combat Engineers insignia with red backing.

Price includes beret insignia.

The Israeli Combat Engineering Corps (Hebrew: חיל ההנדסה הקרבית‎ Heil HaHandasa HaKravit) is the combat engineering force of the Israel Defense Forces. In addition to Combat Engineering Corps sappers, each infantry brigade has an engineering company trained with basic engineering and EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) skills. Combat Engineering Corps sappers are often attached to other units (such as armored divisions or infantry) in order to help them breach through obstacles and handle explosive threats. The Combat Engineering Corps beret's color is silver and their symbol features a sword on a tower with a blast halo on the background. The Combat Engineering Corps mottos are "Always First" and "The hard - we shall do today, the impossible - we shall do tomorrow".

How the Color was Chosen- Light Gray. In 1983 the main engineering officer, Avishay Katz decided to change color of the Berets to enhance its antiquity. Katz remembered that as a child he read a book named King Solomons Mines, which was a story of two tribes, one good one evil as the good tribe was called “Silver”. Since silver could not be used it was decided to use a similar color- Gray.

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